“We Support Our Schools” November 2022

A2Z Personnel and the Drive 107.9 are happy to award Linda Burrington with the We Support Our Schools grant for November of 2022!

Ms. Burrington is a 6th-grade math teacher and has been teaching at Stevensville School for 23 years. She is especially passionate about her students and math.

Every day her students have “Problems of the Day” they are required to work on and then go over the problem as a class. Ms. Burrington has provided whiteboards and markers, but time and usage have worn them out. She is looking forward to supplying her students with new boards and markers. She also plans to buy whiteboards with two sides so students will have grids to work off of as well for problems that require them.

Ms. Burrington will also use this grant to provide a math game to further engage her students. She hopes to help kids connect with math in a positive way and to be confident in their skills.

We would like to thank Linda and all the teachers who help students foster a love of math. This foundation of learning is sure to serve them throughout the rest of their middle school and high school years, as well as into adulthood.

If you would like to nominate or apply for this grant, please send your request to jaime@a2zpersonnel.net

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