“We Support Our Schools” October 2022

A2Z Personnel and the Drive 107.9 are happy to award Christopher Haxton with the We Support Our Schools grant for October 2022! Mr. Haxton is a middle school teacher at Darby Middle School.

This year Mr. Haxton is teaching a pilot program for his middle schoolers, Leather Carving. In this class, students will focus on the art of leather carving and stitching.

Mr. Haxton has been doing leather work for over 40 years himself and has been really enjoying getting to share this passion with his students. He reports that so far his students seem to really be loving the class. Some of the projects you might find students making are wallets, belts, bridles, etc. Additionally, students have also taken an interest in learning how to repair leather items that are worn out or broken.

Mr. Haxton will use this grant to provide more leather for this class. He hopes to instill a love of leather art that will last a lifetime for his students.

We would like to thank Christopher and all the teachers who help students foster a love of art. We can’t wait to see what amazing projects these middle schoolers turn out.

If you would like to nominate or apply for this grant, please send your request to jaime@a2zpersonnel.net

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