Grant Recipients

February 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Lori Lewis for being this months “We Support Our Schools” winner! Lori is Stevensville’s Middle School’s PE and Health teacher. She hopes to use to funds to purchase body balls as an alternative seating option for her students. With the focus of her classes on promoting healthy choices, having seating that engages the student’s core and improves the student’s balance is a natural fit. According to the National Education Association, a 2008 study found that children actually need to move to focus during a complicated mental task. More and more teachers are finding that minor motion and fidgeting helps their students focus better on their work. Mrs. Lewis, who currently has 6 body balls in her classroom, has found this to be true and sees improved work from the students that utilize the balls. After learning the dos and don’ts, her students are very respectful with the use of the alternative seating option, so she’d like to be able to provide more opportunities for her students with the purchase of more body balls. In addition to seating, the body balls, along with other yoga equipment, are also a great device for exercise when the gym is not available for PE and the weather is inclement. The balls allow any space to be utilized for exercise. Congratulations again from A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!