We all need help around the house

With Spring here finally and the dreary days of Winter almost a memory everyone in the Bitterroot is shifting their mindset to their Spring projects. We all have them; paint the fence, clean up the yard from the remnants of fall, trim the bushes, put in a new flower bed, the list is endless. Sometimes to the point you can’t get it all done on your own. So to help ease the stress of the work to be done you might head over to Facebook to find someone to help you or you may mention this to some friends you are looking for help at home. Everyone knows a handyman right? 

It feels good to head in the direction of progress, but it’s important to make sure when you hire someone to work on your home, you are covered from any legalities that may arise. Whether hiring an individual or company it is important to ask if they have workman’s comp or an exemption and to make sure they carry general liability insurance. If you hire someone to work on your home and they get hurt you could be liable and be responsible, thus costing you more money in the long run. 

General liability insurance is coverage in the event the work completed was not done correctly or damage occurs to your property by the person who did the work. In the event the work would need to be redone or worse, this insurance covers the cost. If the individuals do not carry it then the expenses to fix it will fall on the home owner to pay for the repairs. 

It is important to know if some one is hurt on your property, they can file a claim against your home owner’s insurance for negligence and sue you personally that is why it is so important to ask for proof of coverages or exemptions. Being exempt from workman’s comp means they have taken the right away to file a claim and are responsible themselves if hurt. Now I am sure you are thinking two things. That won’t happen to me and maybe I don’t want to hire anyone to help me after all. 

Well, hiring through a Staffing agency will eliminate those overwhelming legalities. When you hire someone through a staffing agency they take on the legalities, so if someone is hurt you won’t be liable and they carry a general liability insurance in event something is not done correctly or damage occurs and the work done needs to be replaced. All the bases are covered to protect you! 

At the same time staffing agency takes the time to interview their employees to make sure they are qualified to be a “handyman”. They aren’t just going to send Joe Schmo out, they are invested in making sure the person they are sending to your home can get the job done right and in a timely manner. 

The bottom line is if you are thinking of hiring someone to do work on your home make sure you are covered in the event something might happen. If you have questions about this you can always call A2Z Personnel for details. 406-777-1662 or 406-363-0723 

Background check and drug testing is available on all employees 

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