The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency to Start a New Career.

With the current job market hot for employees why should you use an employment agency to get a job? Well, even though the job market is definitely an employee’s market right now going through a staffing agency, like A2Z Personnel, gives you some perks you might not get if you were to apply for a job on your own. 

At A2Z it is our duty to ensure both the client and the employee are getting what they need. Our employment coordinators balance working to fill the needs of our clients looking to hire  employees, but are also an advocate for our employees. When looking for an agency to work with it is important to remember a good staffing agency will invest in their employees by making sure they are being put into a good work environment, paid what they are worth and will step in to help the employee if there are issues in the work place. 

Our staffing agency has already taken the time to “interview” the businesses and find the job that best fits what you, a potential employee, are looking for and to match your qualifications to the correct position.

Additionally, a staffing agency may open doors to employment opportunities you did not know were there. For example, not all companies looking to hire like to advertise the open positions themselves. It can take a lot of time and energy to sort through applications to find the right candidate. So to save them time and money, a business may list openings with a staffing agency who can do all the leg work of finding good candidates. 

Staffing agencies, like A2Z Personnel also bring with them great networking opportunities an individual usually does not have. A company may not have an open position per se, but there maybe a standing order for a company if the agency finds an outstanding employee. This position not being advertised to the public would make it next to impossible for an individual to find on their own. 

 Lastly, A2Z Personnel is not just a company that offers temporary employment. Our company  and the clients we partner with value and invest in our employees wether they are employees looking for temp jobs, part-time or full-time employment. This is evident in the benefits we offer our employees; traditional healthcare plans, paid time off and a retirement saving plan with a 3% match. While not every staffing agency will offer these exact benefits it is worth asking the company you work with what benefits they offer their employees. 

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