General Operations/Personnel/Animal Sheltering
Reports to: The Board of Directors via the Board President.

The Operations Manager manages the daily operations, staff and facility of the animal shelter, ensuring a safe, humane environment. The Operations Manager supervises and performs a variety of tasks associated with the care of animals in the facility. The Operations Manager must have a passion for animal welfare and proven experience in management and public relations.

STATUS: Salaried position is overtime exempt.
SALARY: Depending on experience

The Operations manager sets up work schedules, tasks, duties and instructions to staff. Sets guidelines and monitors conduct of workers to ensure humane treatment of animals. Balances team and individual responsibilities. Exhibits objectivity and openness to others views; gives and welcomes feedback. This is a “hands on” position and, as required, the OP Manager must be able to assist with and perform all daily shelter tasks. The OP Manager is responsible for finding veterinarians to treat sick and ailing animals, oversees the cleaning and disinfecting of the shelter and oversees euthanasia.

Shelter Maintenance:
 Tracks ongoing scheduled maintenance for vehicles, furnace, etc. and trouble shoots all repair work that is needed, i.e. washers, dryers, etc.
 Oversees cleaning procedures

Medical Responsibilities:
 Works with staff to make euthanasia decisions and implement those decisions, including performing euthanasia with appropriate credentials
 Oversees operations of the crematorium
 Assists and oversees animal care and staff training
 Oversees shelter care and enrichment programs

Fiscal Responsibilities:
 Demonstrates sound fiscal awareness; works within approved budget. Maintains resource list for shelter maintenance and repair vendors, researching for the best price and service
Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors

Mandatory Qualifications:
 Verifiable management experience
 Exceptional computer skills
 Experience in managing personnel
 CET Certification or be willing to undergo training
 Ability to meet the physical demands of the work environment, including being able to lift 50#, bend, stoop, kneel, walk and stand for long periods. Must be able to work outdoors in harsh weather conditions and be able to interact physically with large, strong animals. The shelter environment often has high noise levels, wet floors, humidity, fumes or airborne particles, animal dander, toxic or caustic chemicals and cleaning products.
 Must have reliable transportation and be able to travel. Must be able to work weekends and be on call to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.
 Must be able to work in the sheltering environment that often includes: high noise levels understanding shelter will be a construction zone for 8 months to one year.

Preferred Skills:
 Animal care experience

Personal Qualities:
 Should include a strong sense of commitment to the mission of the association
 Flexibility. Multi-tasking in a fast paced environment
 Ability to work effectively with all types of people including shelter staff, volunteers, public officials and employees, donors and other animal welfare organizations
 Ability to weigh options, think clearly, and evaluate accurately. Well organized, self starter.