A2Z Personnel and 107.9 the Drive are pleased to present March’s We Support Our Schools Grant to Jacqueline Brazil, a teacher at Hamilton High Schools Alternative Learning Center (ALC).
The ALC serves students who are unable to work in traditional high schools or who need to make up credit deficits by accelerating their studies. The Center was able to purchase a greenhouse to introduce students to the therapeutic and educational aspects of growing plants; however, funds were needed to provide supplies including soil, food, grow lights, seeds, and pots of various sizes, as well as shelving and labels.
Ms. Brazil is looking forward to starting the process of providing those supplies with the WSOS grant. Not only will a working greenhouse challenge the students’ ideas about learning, provide a constructive life skill, and help them create ownership of their education, it will also encourage individuality and creativity, in addition to finding joy in learning new things. Jacqueline is excited to see her students start plants for home gardens as well as design hanging baskets for themselves or as gifts, container gardens for facilities such as assisted living, and design a perennial garden for the ALC’s outdoor learning space.
We want to thank Jacqueline Brazil for her ingenuity in education and providing students with a multifaceted skill! Thank you to all teachers to go above and beyond for our community’s students!