December 2017 Recipient

Robert Prince is the winner of A2Z Personnel’s and 107.9 the Drive’s Grant Program, We Support Our Schools, for the month of December.  While Robert has taught in the Valley’s schools before, this is his first year as the Music Teacher for Stevensville Elementary.  Robert offers his students a chance to participate with in music outside of the traditional class by offering special morning group signing and music classes.  He has moved the concert time to evenings so that working parents are able to attend, and he looks for additional instruments to incorporate into his classroom.  The grant funds will help with purchasing and maintaining instruments.

November 2017 Recipient

Patti Healy is November’s We Support Our Schools Grant winner, sponsored by A2Z Personnel and 107.9, The Drive. Patti teaches 4th Grade at Corvallis Primary School and has large number of student’s in her class this year. Her goal is to purchase a couple of Wobble Chairs to allow her more active students the ability to slightly fidget while sitting quietly. The Wobble Chairs provides the students with some minor rocking movement as the rounded bottom shifts their weight and engages their core; however, it is still stable enough to maintain the student’s balance, so they won’t tip over like other seating options. Thank you, Patti, for your work with our valley’s students!

October 2017 Recipient

Congratulations!! Oliver Johnson is the October winner for the We Support Our Schools Grant Program sponsored by A2Z Personnel and 107.9, the Drive. While Oliver has previous experience teaching Kindergarten, this is Oliver’s first year teaching for the Corvallis School District. Mr. Ollie (as his students refer to him) is planning on purchasing special reader books for his classroom, as well as investing in other items to make his classroom his “own”. The new books are specifically formulated to engage brand new readers and the protective cover ensures that they will last from class to class.

September 2017 Recipient

A2Z Personnel and The Drive 107.9 were happy to award Sarah Piper with the We Support Our Schools Grant for September.  Sarah is the advisor for the Thespian Troupe at Stevensville’s High School.  She and her students are part of the International Thespian Society; an honor society devoted to recognizing excellence in the performing arts.  The Troupe seeks to increase awareness and appreciation of theater in our community, especially within our school.


The We Support Our Schools grant money will go towards the goal of bring the Shakespeare in the School Program to the Stevensville School District. This program would provide a professional performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night for the students in Junior High and High School, as well as facilitate workshops on dramatic skills for students in grades 9-12.   An estimated 425 students would be able to attend the play and approximately 50 High School students would participate in the workshops following the performance.  Shakespeare in the Schools has periodically visited Stevensville in years past, and has been very successful at engaging students in the theater as well as creating connections to the English Department’s curriculum.

May 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Chanda Gum for being this months “We Support Our Schools” winner!

Chanda is a Kindergarten Teacher for Stevensville Elementary.  She applied for the grant to be able to bring science to life for her students.  She’s hoping go purchase supplies for growing plants, feeding birds, investigating bugs, and learning about life cycles. Hands-on science projects are vital to engaging young students and helping them conquer complex concepts.

Congratulations again From A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!

April 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Bonnie Taylor for being this months “We Support Our Schools” winner! Bonnie is the Physical Education Teacher for Victor, grades 7-12. She applied for the grant to provide funds for field trips and guest speakers to expose her students to Life Fitness Professionals and activities. Bonnie plans to take her classes to visit local business which provide activities that can be enjoyed through out an individuals life such as: swimming and aquacize classes, golfing, folfing, gymnastics, handball, racquet ball, and tennis.

This is what she wrote:
“Exposing students to fitness choices is vital to an effective physical education program. Students learn that there are options beyond games, such as dodgeball and basketball. Their health and fitness decisions are important outside the school walls, as their physical health is something that will impact them for a lifetime, and choosing fitness activities to accommodate their skills and interests are important to maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level.”
Congratulations again From A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!

March 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Steve Gideon for being this months “We Support Our Schools” winner!  Steve Gideon co-hosts a book club at Darby High School, along with Bryan Dufresne.  The club is voluntary for high school students and meets during the student’s free time, often after school or on the weekends. The books are chosen by the students (bought locally from Chapter 1 book store) and the students determine the pace of progress through each literary piece. On average, around 10-12 students comprises the club and they often look to college-level reads or plot lines that resonate with current world events.  The money he received will be used to purchase more books for the club.   Congratulations again from A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!

February 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Lori Lewis for being this months “We Support Our Schools” winner! Lori is Stevensville’s Middle School’s PE and Health teacher. She hopes to use to funds to purchase body balls as an alternative seating option for her students. With the focus of her classes on promoting healthy choices, having seating that engages the student’s core and improves the student’s balance is a natural fit. According to the National Education Association, a 2008 study found that children actually need to move to focus during a complicated mental task. More and more teachers are finding that minor motion and fidgeting helps their students focus better on their work. Mrs. Lewis, who currently has 6 body balls in her classroom, has found this to be true and sees improved work from the students that utilize the balls. After learning the dos and don’ts, her students are very respectful with the use of the alternative seating option, so she’d like to be able to provide more opportunities for her students with the purchase of more body balls. In addition to seating, the body balls, along with other yoga equipment, are also a great device for exercise when the gym is not available for PE and the weather is inclement. The balls allow any space to be utilized for exercise.  Congratulations again from A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!

January 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Krista Votaw for being this months “We Support Our Schools” winner! Krista is a First Grade teacher for Corvallis Primary.  She is planning to add more textile, hands-on tools for her students who struggle with focusing on a task and handling their extra energy while studying.  In addition to purchasing a couple more chairs that are designed to keep the student’s core engaged, she also hopes to add hand-held objects, such as textured balls, and head phones to help students stay focused on their work while channeling out extra energy in a non-distracting manner.  Congratulations again from A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!

December 2016 Recipient

The Winner of December’s We Support Our Schools is Stephanie DeBiasio. She is a Science Teacher at Hamilton Middle School and wants to use the funds to purchase pulleys, cables, and harnesses for hands-on experiences. By utilizing a different number of pulleys while lifting students off the ground, the students will learn about how pulleys can affect the force/energy needed to lift weight. Congratulations from A2Z Personnel and 107.9 The Drive!