Anatomy of a High Potential Employee

What does High Potential Employee Look Like?
A high potential employee is more than being just good at one’s job. It is an individual who does well in their current job, but also has a great deal of potential to advance within the company. These are the type of employees business owners and managers are always on the hunt for, or should be. It is important to establish who these key players are in your company and create a plan to help them grow into future roles within your company. It is important to clarify, not everyone is a high potential employee. You may have an employee who is doing really well at their job and they are already in the perfect position for the company. They are valuable, but that does not mean they would be identified as a high potential employee. High potential employees are those who are doing an amazing job, but also have potential and drive to do so much more. Here are some ways to identify a high potential employee.

1 – Takes initiative. These employees are always looking to do more in order to improve their skills and are eager assume more responsibility.

2 – Accepts Leadership Opportunities. They aren’t afraid to step up to the plate and be a leader for the staff and the company. These employees are excited at taking on a leadership position.

3 – Listens to Feedback. These employees are able to hear praise and take criticism well. They use the feedback as guideposts to learn and continue to move forward.

4 – Accepts Criticisms. Once they have heard criticism, they do not let their mistakes or shortcomings affect their own success or that of the company.

5 – Thrives in High Pressure Situations. These employees are able to remain clam and composed when dealing with the stresses of a project or the job in general. You are able to count on them to stay with it and are often the ones coming up with solutions to further along progress in these situations.

6 – Understands the Importance of Collaboration. Team work is a core value to these employees. They appreciate all the members of the team as they understand everyone brings value to the group and the success of the company.

7 – Exudes Confidence. They carry themselves with confidence in who they are and are sure of their capabilities without looking down at others or coming off as arrogant.

8 – Commits to the Company’s Goals. They are able to keep a good balance with their career objectives and the company’s goals. You won’t find them prioritizing their personal profit at the expense of the company.

9 – Goes the Extra Mile. They are very goal driven and tend to be very passionate about achieving each one. Once they accomplish a goal they work towards a new one. They never settle for ordinary.

10 – Delivers Solid Results. You can always count on these people to deliver results and often will exceed the expectations you have given them.

11 – Reinforces Positive Work Culture and Environment. They are able to manage stress and do not bring negativity to the work. They are kind to their co-workers and clients.

12 – Embraces the Company’s Values. They understand the company’s mission and believe in it. It is clear to see this in their work.

13 – Helps Co-Workers. They are often the first to lend a helping hand to a co-worker who maybe struggling or in need. Remember teamwork is important to these employees and they want to make sure their team members do well as the company depends on all employees for the overall success of the company.

14 – Works Well Independently. Their best work is done with minimal supervision.

15 – Asks Questions. They are not afraid to be curios and understands education helps them to deliver better results.
Once you identify who these employees are within your company take the time to think about where you want to see them advance in the next year. Meet with them and set goals together. Take the time to mentor these employees into the role you envision them doing. Your employees are an investment and a very important tool to your company. You should be taking the time to help them grow. It is not only an invest into a great employee, but your business as well

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