5 Signs It’s Time to Hire

Have you been thinking about hiring a new employee, but unsure if your business is ready? 
As a successful business owner, it is critical for your business to understand the needs of your company and to act when the time is right. It can be challenging to keep staffing levels on track with your company goals without overspending. If you don’t hire fast enough, the workload will outweigh your staff’s capacity. While on the other hand, hiring too early may strain finances and put your business and your new employee in a tough position. 

The solution? Finding the right balance for your company’s needs. 
Customer Service 
If the quality of customer service is slipping, don’t neglect to hire new employees so you can continue to retain and gain customers. Red flags to floundering customer service include missed deadlines, incomplete tasks, orders going unfulfilled, consistently upset customers, emails and phone calls going unanswered, and lack of rave reviews. 

It is important to understand not having adequate staff can damage your company’s reputation while also driving employee burnout on your current staff, leaving your company vulnerable. If you find your company is already exhibiting some of these red flags, it is essential you act in a timely manner before your customer base becomes disgruntled and decides to move on. 

Keep in mind it is more expensive to gain a new customer than to retain a loyal one. 
Increase in Employee Days Off 
Another sign it may be time to hire is seeing an increase in employee sick days or off-days. 
A sudden change in employees calling out sick can mean they are tired, overworked, and frustrated. The work balance of your current staff is important to gauge before deciding whether you need to hire new employees or not. 

If you find that employees are feeling burnt out, you might be able to outsource some tasks to a contracted worker or possibly a new hire. 
Growth in Your Business 
As your business grows you may find your company taking on more work than ever before. Maybe you just landed a big contract in addition to your normal workload. 
Recognizing what your company and current employees can handle is an integral part of being a leader. As the business grows and the workload increases, hiring staff to adequately fulfill the work is a win. 
Seasonal Staff 
Special occasions or seasonal time periods may lead to needing more staff, but only for a limited time. In this instance, hiring workers on a temporary basis might be a better option. Using a staffing agency allows you access to a pool of employees that have already been vetted. 
In addition to having employees who have already been screened, an employment agency will hire and let go of employees, assume the liability, cover the employment taxes, unemployment insurance, and workman’s comp. This allows for you to hire quickly to address heavy workloads in a timely manner.  
Work Distribution 
If you find that you or your higher-paid employees are spending a lot of time on low-value work, it is probably time to hire. Workload distribution allows room to scale and thrive. 
As your company grows, it is vital to put a dollar value on your time and tasks. Start by breaking down projects with estimated hours of execution for each step. Assigning numbers helps you contemplate how to increase the gross profit as well as figure out the estimated hourly rate of an employee. 
If you’re doing tasks as a business owner that could be delegated, handing it off will save you time and money—allowing you to spend time on your business, not in your business. 
While you may feel like you are saving money by doing these lower-level tasks, keep in mind that is time you are not spending on higher-level tasks that could help your business innovate or grow. 
Looking for some guidance? 
While it can be scary for a business owner to take the leap and hire new staff, it is essential to business growth. That is why your number one job as a leader is to constantly be evaluating your business needs and balance the overall vision. 
While there is the upfront cost of hiring a new employee, you need to keep in mind the productivity a new hire brings to the table. Your new employee will increase work morale, time, and money—not to mention keep your customers happy. 
If you’re truly conflicted in the decision to hire, reach out to a staffing agency to talk about your company’s current work demands. We’ll guide you with our expertise for the long-term success of your staff and company. If you’re ready to hire now, reach out to us at (406) 363-0723 

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