20 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Team

Have you been thinking about what to get your staff for the holiday season? With your staff working hard all year for your business, it’s an important gesture to show them appreciation through the holiday season. Here are 20 reasonably priced gift ideas to get you started. Your employees will feel so appreciated! 

We always advocate to shop locally and support small businesses. While it may be more expensive, we all depend on each other to thrive. Consider the overlap between this gift list and small businesses that offer something similar. 

  1. Coffee gift card for the amount of your choosing. Everyone loves drive-thru coffee shops, right? Often coffee shops offer discounts on bulk gift cards or have holiday specials offering free gift cards when you spend a certain amount purchasing gift cards. This gift will leave your employees feeling like they are getting a treat.  
  2. Personalized water bottles or coffee mugs: You can get creative with this one. Put employees’ names, pictures, or even a company slogan on either item. Some of the bigger box stores offer these services such as Costco or Walmart. Be sure to check out local printing and screen shops. They can often print onto these products as well and may offer more options for customization.  
  3. Gift Certificate to local restaurants and stores: Be sure to check the local Chamber of Commerce for options on gift cards. Some Chambers have their own program where a gift card can be purchased for the amount of your choosing and be used at multiple businesses. Who doesn’t like choices? If this is not an option pick a nice restaurant or retail store to support it.  
  4. Movie tickets/gift cards: As we are getting back to normal with life, movie theaters are being welcomed back into our day-to-day. The holiday season releases some of the best movies of the year! *Tip: some movie theaters also allow for an entire movie theater to be rented out. Your company could make a special trip to the movies together and have the entire theatre just for your group! Great for a Christmas party. 
  5. Digital Books: Pay for a short-term subscription to a digital book library such as Audible or Kindle. Audible offers either a monthly subscription or the 3-month subscription. Kindle memberships are either 6 months or 12 months. Both subscriptions allow access to thousands of books and genres. To any book lover, this would be the ultimate gift!  
  6. Paint Night: Painting your own home décor is a trendy thing nowadays. What a special activity to create your own décor and display in your home. There are many options that range in price and types of décors to create. To top it off you are being directed by a professional to teach you the best tricks. Painting is fun and therapeutic for many. A good option is to pay for a specific item to be created like a welcome sign for the front porch or just getting a gift certificate for a dollar amount. This is also another good team-oriented gift where you can take everyone from your staff together and have fun creating something pretty.  
  7. Plants: There are so many options when it comes to giving plants. Keep in mind with the weather being cold plants will die if exposed to cold temperatures, even for short periods of time. Check out your local florist for some easy plants to take care of. Another option is checking out website catalogs for giving plants as gifts. On one website you can order a specific type of seed that comes with everything they need to plant their seeds and watch them grow; examples include Thyme seeds that come with a little planter that says “Thank you for your Thyme”. You can look at their options at baudville.com. Another fun website is all about succulents. There are a lot of different options that range in price. You have the option to custom-build what you would like to send or choose from one of their combinations. You can look at the options at mountaincrestgardens.com. Any option you choose is sure to bring happiness. 
  8. Bowling: Believe it or not people still love to go to the bowling alley. This popular 80’s trend has made a comeback! This activity is a fun gift and encourages a little self-care for your employee. Pay for the shoe rental and one game or many, either way, this gift won’t end up in the gutter (pun intended)!  
  9. Personalized Swag: Some popular options that are sure to win your staff over are hoodies personalized with their name and company logo. If employees are required to wear “uniforms” for work, extra apparel helps them out a lot! Even if employees aren’t required to wear uniforms, it’s a fun option. Other personalized swags could include backpacks or bags. Including their name next to the company logo gives an added touch. Another thoughtful swag gift would be a customized ornament for each employee. Get creative here! Add pictures, do a nice engraving or printed ornament with their name.
  10. Gift Boxes: Starting in November, Costco offers holiday tower boxes filled with goodies like fruits, nuts, and candies. Prices on these items range from $30 up but keep in mind you do need a membership to purchase these items. These are big-time savers as you can order them, and they arrive completely put together. You even have the option to ship them directly to the home of your employee.  
  11. Candy: Who doesn’t like candy? Invest in some nice candy such as Godiva Chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, or any other candy you desire and fill a nice stocking up with it or display it in a gift basket. Either way candy as a gift is always a nice way to express your thanks.  
  12. Fancy Lunch: Pick a day and close the office to take your staff for a long lunch at one of the fine local options you have. This is sure to make them feel special and appreciated. Be sure to give them a heads up they will be going on an outing and to dress appropriately that day. This is another one of those employee bond options, which is a good investment for your company in the long run.  
  13. Alcohol: This is a gift that should be used with some caution. Not everyone likes alcohol, some may be underage, or someone may have an addiction. With that being said, be mindful of what your employee likes and who they are. Buying a nice bottle of wine or liquor to show appreciation for your employees can be a great gesture.
  14. Paid Time Off: Maybe you already offer employees paid time off, this gift is an addition to that current work landscape. Your employees work year-round to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy. Offering your employees extra time with pay allows them more time with their families during the special holiday time. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant amount of time; you could allow everyone to leave two hours early on a certain day and pay those wages. This is a thoughtful gift that your employees would most definitely appreciate.  
  15. Meat & Cheese Basket: In the world where charcuterie boards are in, everyone loves sharing a gourmet meat and cheese tray with family and friends. You can check your local meat shop for cured meat options or your local grocery store. Costco offers a selection of fine cheeses for a budget-friendly option. Find a cutting board as the base of your “basket” layout. Add all your meats and cheeses still wrapped in their packaging, crackers, and chocolates. 
  16. Noise Cancelling Headphones: In a world where headphones are always breaking or getting lost, this gift idea is helpful for personal and work use. Sometimes work levels increase. Employees can tune out the noises of the office and focus on the tasks at hand. This gift is one that is sure to be used again and again.  
  17. Gloves: Give a nice pair of gloves to each employee. While this seems like a trivial gift it is thoughtful.  In wintertime in Montana, you always want an extra set of gloves when you need them. Giving them as a gift shows care to your employee and is a gift that will get a lot of use. 
  18. Christmas Dinner: Providing a Christmas dinner for your employee alleviates some of the holiday stress and makes the time with family just a little more enjoyable.  
  19. Gym Membership: With the New Year following in tow, we all know most people make the resolution to be healthier in the new year. Start them off with a one-month or 3-month gym membership at the gym of your choosing.  
  20. Christmas Eve Box: Pick your favorite Christmas movie, popcorn, soda, candies and a nice throw blank and put in a nice gift box. This is a thoughtful gift that connects you to your employees by sharing something you really like and allowing them to have a special moment with their family and friends.  

Choose any of these holiday gift options to show your employees your appreciation for their hard work and dedication! 

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